Israel's Latest Power Grab

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Seemingly unaffected by domestic corruption charges, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is radically redesigning the Eastern Mediterranean political sphere with a series of breakthrough deals. Along with Cyprus and Greece, Israel’s EastMed subsea pipeline will carry natural gas to Europe and is planned to be completed by 2025. With Europe aiming towards creating actual energy diversification, the opportunity comes at a perfect time.

In addition to Europe, Israel’s greatest breakthrough comes from Egypt, a former blood rival of the Jewish state. As part of a $15 billion deal, Egypt will act as an energy re-export hub on Europe’s, where Israeli gas will be processed at Egyptian liquefied natural gas factories before being exported to Europe. This coordinated effort at creating wealth and security, quite possibly a catalyst for further deals between states once considered irrevocably differed, stands in sharp contrast to the years of frequent conflicts and bloodshed between the two nations.

Despite the breakthroughs, Turkey has continued its regional jostling for power, increasing its presence in Libya, Cyprus, and the Mediterranean sea.  According to the Israeli ambassador to the United Nations Danny Danon, Erdogan has even “ turned Turkey into a safe haven for Hamas terrorists and a financial center for funneling money to subsidize terror attacks." With both nations aiming to establish dominance in the region, a breaking point is imminent.

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  • James on

    Israel and Egypt had settled their major issues with Sadat. Normalization between these two countries would have resolved issues long ago, without the external impulses of Jordan, Syria and of course, the largest funding body for Terrorists, Saudi Arabia. These countries are like Democrats and Trump. They hate each other because, and not because of the economic advantages that they can do for each other. Definition of a Super power? Israeli Brains, Saudi Investment, and Egyptian manpower. Imagine gas pipelines going across Saudi Arabia, to terminals on the Med in Egypt? The sort of impact that the Suez Canal had in the 1870s. When transit to India, China and other nations was much simplified, and trade went shorter by 3,500 Miles. .

  • Craig Michael Vandertie on

    The israeli people the zionist theocracy that they are especially their current and all past political administrations are some of the most evil people in the world at least equal to all muslims.

    Benjamin Netanyahu ranks as one the most wicked people of all time rules moreso Muhammad, Hitler, and Stalin just to Name a few and hasidists are every bit as vile, look up Chabad Lubavitch.

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